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Palazzina Grassi, Venice

Situated on the Grand Canal, Philippe Starck’s first design hotel in Venice captures the heritage of a magnificent Venetian palazzo, combined with and avant-garde design that when mixed all together, makes you feel “temporarily Venetian”.

Chefs in Venice

Avant-Garde Luxury in Venice

Palazzina G, a masterpiece renovation of a 16th century building overlooking the Canal Grande in Venice, orchestrated by the one and only Philippe Starck and Turinese businessman Emanuele Garosci.

Francesca Bortolotto Possati

From Shipbuilders to Hoteliers

Francesca Bortolotto Possati could be considered as one of the very few hoteliers in Venice owning four hotel properties. Coming from a family of shipbuilders, her grandfather decided to invest his money in the hotel business.

Kayaking in Venice

Looking at Venice from a different perspective

Venice seems to be my favourite topic of conversation these days. Every time I go to visit this enchanting city, I make a point to do something a little different and unique by finding ways to see Venice from a different perspective.