The Universe of Olivier Lapidus

Bringing Fashion to the 16th Arrondissement of Paris

Lapidus at 11 years modeling with his cousin

When we think of the universe, we normally think of stars, planets and a cosmos that is so vast that even us humans are unable to comprehend it. In a way, that’s how the renowned fashion designer and hotel interior designer, Olivier Lapidus, sees the opportunities in his own life – as one vast universe.

The big bang theory

Olivier’s very own ‘big bang theory’ started from the day he was born, as his father was Ted Lapidus, the Parisian-born fashion designer, who not only broke the mould when he introduced the unisex look onto the catwalk scene, but also worked with many celebrities, including Brigitte Bardot and the Beatles. With this family background, it seemed inevitable Olivier would follow in his father’s illustrious footsteps and successfully making his foray into fashion.

I was born into the world of fashion, so my subconscious ideas derive from my past and present.

Olivier Lapidus

Ted Lapidus designed the white suite for John Lennon, which he wore on the album cover of “Abbey Road.”

Mixing technology with fashion

During the 80s, Olivier worked as Artistic Director of various fashion brands, including Balmain and his own father's fashion empire. But, after spending some years in China, he returned to France where he created his haute-couture fashion label under the name Olivier Lapidus. "When I designed my women's collections, I would visualise what surrounded a woman during her daily life; this generated inspiration for my designs," says Lapidus. Lapidus designed consecutive collections, but this was not enough to satisfy him fully. He was an innovator, and he started to mix technology with traditional craftsmanship. His Autumn/Winter collection in 2001 broke new ground when it used fabrics made with optical fibres. As a result, he started to consider opportunities to apply his fibre-optic fabrics in industries other than fashion.

fashion sketches

Lapidus sketches of his previous collections are backlit along the walls of the breakfast room at Le Félicien

When I designed my women’s collections, I would visualise what surrounded a woman during her daily life; this generated inspiration for my designs.

Olivier Lapidus

Création Olivier Lapidus

Under a new brand, Création Olivier Lapidus, his evolution from fashion designer to a designer of interiors became apparent when the French hotel group, Elegencia Hotels, asked him to design a new boutique hotel—Hotel Félicien— in the upmarket residential 16th district of Paris. Starting from a clean slate, Lapidus was inspired to create a design that encapsulated the experiences of his own life.

furniture designed by olivier lapidus

The OOL and SLACK chairs by Création Olivier Lapidus were both designed for Le Félicien Photography by Shoky Van Der Horst

“I was born into the world of fashion, so my subconscious ideas derive from my past and present”, says Lapidus, while sipping his coffee in the hotel’s lounge bar. The emphasis here is on bold red, black and white colour tones that are reminiscent of the artistic style of his previous haute couture collections. His fibre-optic fabrics can be seen on the curtains in reception and the ceiling of the hotel’s spa. Even the chairs we are sitting on were designed by him.

Your hotel

To make the most of this neighbourhood, stay at the boutique hotel, Hotel Félicien, Paris

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