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Exploring the natural wonders of Brunei Darussalam

River experience on the Brunei River


Brunei Darussalam is a country permeated with tradition, with one of the longest continuously ruling dynasties. Situated on the northern, western coast of the island of Borneo, it is made up of two unconnected pieces of land, separated from Malaysia.

It is also one of the smallest non-island countries on earth, yet very significant if you’re looking for somewhere to go that is undiscovered, unusual and unexpected. Although not exactly unique, the rainforests in Brunei are the best preserved in the world and well worth the visit for a few days before exploring  Borneo into Malaysia and Indonesia.

Bandar seri Begawan, luxury hotel

Brunei Boutique Hotel is strategically located nearby some of the major visitor attractions

Brunei’s first boutique hotel

Following my two-week stay to the Sultanate, I also discovered Brunei’s first boutique hotel –The Brunei Hotel.  Located in the capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan, it recently underwent a massive transformation and repositioned itself into a modern and chic-stay environment.  Most importantly, it is the only hotel where you can reach some the of the most biodiverse places on earth within walking distance.  A very convenient thing as taxis are hard to find and parking even more so.

Have a read of top three nature and heritage places to visit a footstep away from the Brunei Hotel.

River trips Brunei

Kampong Ayer village is where over 20,000 Brunei locals live and of which has been in continuous occupation for at least 400 years.

Kampong Ayer – Water Village

Turning right out of the hotel, you will walk towards a small cornice, which looks out over the Brunei River.  Right ahead, you will see from a distance a water village where over 20,000 Brunei locals live and of which has been in continuous occupation for at least 400 years.  If you jump in one of the water taxis from the jetty (do not accept more than $20 Brunei Dollars for a one hour tour), the driver will take you on an amazing tour to see this village, built entirely on multi-coloured stilt houses . With a population of over 30,000, this ‘water world’ is equipped with modern restaurants, schools, hospitals, police and fire stations. The Kampong Ayer Gallery located in the village is worth a visit, created to give visitors  an insight into the history and current daily life of the locals here on the river.

nature experiences in Brunei

Brunei is home to the rare Bornean proboscis monkey as well as an abundance of birds, plants, micro fauna and mammals

Brunei River tour

After visiting Kampong Ayer, you can continue with  the water taxi to explore the nature surrounding the Brunei River.   With more than 70 percent of the country under tropical rainforest cover, you will most likely run into some wildlife.  I was fortunate to spot a family of Proboscis monkeys playing amongst the mangroves and even a roaming crocodile.

Wildlife in Brunei

To some, Brunei is seen as an “untouched paradise”. Even the crocodiles are left in peace as they habitat within the tropical mangroves

Walking in Brunei

Tasek Lama Recreation Park is the perfect place to break into a sweat, by following one of its many steep trails whilst enjoying the surrounding nature

Tasek Lama Recreational Park

Tasek Recreational Park is one of the oldest recreational parks within the city of Bandar Ser Begawan.  If you fancy a leisurely stroll early in the morning before it starts to get too hot, you’ll be able to walk along the maintained walkways and relax by or even swim in the natural waterfall and lake.  There is also an 8-metre climbing wall for those interested in the challenge.  Monkey lovers will enjoy an abundance of Macaque sightings as well as being able to climb to the higher ridges to get a bird’s eye view of the Kampong Ayer Village and Bandar city skyline.

Please do take note that the sale of consumption of alcohol is forbidden in hotels and restaurants.  So if you need an alcoholic fix while in Brunei, you are allowed to bring in two bottles of wine or spirits, or 12 cans of beer (declared at customs) for your personal consumption in the privacy of your hotel room.  A small sacrifice I think in return to  experience some unexpected nature in a calm and non-touristic environment.

Your hotel

To make the most of this neighbourhood, stay at the boutique hotel, Brunei Boutique Hotel, Brunei Darussalam

Bandar seri Begawan, luxury hotel
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