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Delights for the gadget traveller

Eccleston Square hotel - IpadAs a Londoner, I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that each area of the city has it’s own unique and distinctive personality, spawned by its notable historical past.  Creative and edgy Clerkenwell; sophisticated and elegant South Kensington, colourful and eclectic Notting Hill. And then there is chic and tech-trending Belgravia.  An area of London that I never visited often, but rediscovered by my recent visit to London’s most high-tech boutique hotel.

Belgravia’ master builder of the 19th century

Situated in between Knightsbridge and Chelsea, Belgravia is an affluent area of London. Once an area of meadows and pastureland, the estate was purchased in the 17th century by Thomas Grosvenor, a family ancestry traced back to William the Conqueror. Used previously for market gardening, the area was developed by master builder Thomas Cubitt (1788-1855), with the aim to build a series of garden squares ‘…to let a little of the country-side into the town’.

Eccleston Square Garden in Belgravia

Planned by Thomas Cubitt in 1828, the 3-acre garden square is subdivided into mini-gardens with camellias, iris and ferns, as well as a dramatic collection of tender climbing roses and 20 different forms of tree peonies

Set in one of Belgravia’s most elegant garden squares, where previous residents included Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill, is Eccleston Square Hotel.  A boutique hotel with a historic striking white stucco façade, and an interior that is contemporary and exciting in high-tech appeal, yet equally discrete and personable.

Luxury beds in hotel rooms

Eccleston Square Hotel is leading the way with ultra-modern in-room technology beyond anything seen in Europe before

Gadget paradise

As a good nights sleep is so important to me, I was instantly attracted to the ‘world’s best beds’ by Swedish brand Hästens. These luxurius beds are electronically adjustable and have variable massage features.  Retailing at around £12,000, it’s not surprise that this bed provides you with the best sleep one could possible imagine.

From the comfort of your Hästens bed, you can also experience 3D TV and operate the entire room using the in-room iPad, as well as room service, spa bookings and shopping guides.  The whole hotel has effectively been designed to provide the guest with digital convenience, without the feeling of being ripped-off.  Thankfully this hotel provides free wifi and free calls within London.  Even items in the mini bar are sold at cost price.  At last, a place of luxury where one can honestly say ‘I got value for money’.

Advanced in-room features include finger-tip control pads for every possible function: lighting, curtains, TV, soundtrack and even electronic wake-up and bedtime settings

Advanced in-room features include finger-tip control pads for every possible function: lighting, curtains, TV, soundtrack and even electronic wake-up and bedtime settings

In a world where technology has become a crucial part in travellers’ lives, it’s so refreshing and pleasing to experience a hotel that delivers beyond the expectations of the digital traveller.  I’m sure there are many people like myself that travel with multiple digital devices, and to stay in a hotel where everything can be connected seamlessly without fuss and interruption is my ultimate definition of euphoric heaven.


Your hotel

To make the most of this neighbourhood, stay at the boutique hotel, Eccleston Square Hotel, London Belgravia

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