Eat your way through Jordaan with Eating Amsterdam

Pekelharing and Kebelling on Eating Amsterdam tour of Jordaan

Pekelharing and Kebelling – Two Dutch delicacies you can try on your Eating Amsterdam tour of Jordaan.

After introducing herself and warmly shaking my hand, Chris, my Eating Amsterdam tour guide asked me a question.

“Did you have breakfast?”

“No,” I said honestly. It had been a busy morning.

“Good! Because we have a lot of food ahead of us!”

The Eating Amsterdam Food Tour of the Jordaan

And she wasn’t lying. My Eating Amsterdam tour took me on a culinary journey that crossed continents, traversed centuries of history and took me down many of Jordaan’s narrow alleyways and through the maze of Amsterdam’s canals. And there was food at every turn.

eating amsterdam food tour

Eating Amsterdam’s food tours show you that Dutch food is more than just pickled herring.

Beginning with Dutch apple pie at Cafe Papeneiland, one of Amsterdam’s oldest brown bars – so-called because of the wooden interiors and tradition of smoke darkening the walls – the hours that followed were more than a food tour, they were an excellent introduction to Amsterdam’s history, culture and culinary delicacies. Although I’ve lived in Amsterdam for more than a year, I found myself raising my eyebrows and uttering “Really?!” with genuine fascination on more than a few occasions. It’s hard to believe how much history and food is to be found just a few streets away from the Toren hotel.

When I first read that the four-hour tours only took in the Jordaan area, I was sceptical if they could fill the time with enough variety of food stops. But I was naive to even think that for a second. Yet in between our tasting stops I noticed more cafes, bars, restaurants, bakeries, delis and grocery stores. This food tour of Amsterdam opened my eyes to the foodie haven that the Jordaan is.

amsterdam food tour of jordaan

Taking you around the historic district of Jordaan, Eating Amsterdam’s tours include both savoury and sweet treats, like the famous Dutch apple pie.

surinaam food on eating amsterdam tour

My favourite food stops were the least Dutch: Suriname is a former Dutch colony, and its people have brought spicy, Caribbean-style food to the Netherlands.

sweet shop in amsterdam_x960

One of the Dutch people’s favourite treats is “drop” or liquorice to you and me. They claim it has medicinal benefits and will often dish it out for a stomach upset or cold.

More than just a food tour…

As we walked through the streets of Jordaan learning what the area had once been liked and what kind of people have lived there over the decades, we stopped at a butcher, fishmongers, a sweet shop and a Surinamese take-away shop all serving up traditional Dutch dishes to both locals and us.

food tour of jordaan

The Louman butchers have been part of Jordaan history for over 120 years, and from outside the shop you have a perfect view of the famous Westerkerk.

Because I believe this tour is best done with little knowledge of what’s to be tasted, I won’t list the specific foods that were served, but I will state that I enjoyed them all. A lot. Even the raw meat sausage and the pickled herring.

Oops. Well, that’s two foods you can look forward to trying.

ossenwurst amsterdam

Two types of famous Dutch sausage; best served with mustard.

Why Eating Amsterdam’s tours are a little bit different…

While Eating Amsterdam does offer a walking-only tour, I highly recommend the food and canals tour, which includes a boat ride along the canals. While there are many ways to see Amsterdam from the water, this canal tour is unique because the boat you sit on is one of the oldest saloon boats that has been offering private tours of Amsterdam’s waterways.

on board the tourist saloon boat

Eating Amsterdam’s tours are different because they also include a canal boat tour on board a famous saloon boat.

Oh, and there’s drink too. Because of course, you need something to wash down all twelve tastings down, including my favourite locally brewed beer from Brouwerij ‘t IJ.

brouwerij 't ij beer on eating amsterdam tour

When in Amsterdam, keep your eyes open for beer from Brouwerij ‘t IJ a local brewery that you can also visit.

But that’s all I’m going to tell you. Honestly.

Oh, apart from this one little piece of advice. If you do decide to go on an Eating Amsterdam tour, make sure you’re hungry, and not just for food but for knowledge and beautiful Amsterdam scenes too.

seven bridges in amsterdam

The famous view of the Seven Bridges which line Reguliersgracht in Amsterdam.

Your hotel

To make the most of this neighbourhood, stay at the boutique hotel, The Toren, Amsterdam

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