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Adventure activities in Bali that will get your adrenaline racing

wakeboarding in bali

wakeboarding in bali

Although many people visit Bali for its beautiful scenery and culture, thousands of thrill seekers flock to the island for some of the worlds best extreme sports, and who could blame them. After all, where better to try them out than in paradise, experiencing a completely different view from the beach dwellers.  If you’re interested in some of the many activities available nearby The Sandi Phala around Tuban, and also the surrounding area, then read on before you plan your holiday, as you’ll certainly want to fit some these activities in.

Fly Trapeze

Fly trapeze in Bali

Limber up and prepare to feel like a circus performer. This challenging experience is fun for both children and adults

Ever wanted to fly through the air, feeling free as a bird in the clear blue skies of paradise? Well now’s your chance. Located in the Bali Dynasty Resort’s grounds in South Kuta, is High Flyers, a trapeze school that’s sure to make you feel like joining the circus. Running classes 6 days per week, anyone from the age of 7 can learn to trapeze with a team of experienced instructors who will encourage you to learn tricks you never thought you’d be able to do. Starting off on the ground, you’ll practice on a rig before taking to the sky on a real trapeze.

Website: High Flyers


health benefits of surfing

Take your mental and physical performance up a notch with the thrill of surfing

Bali has some of the best waves in the area, and it’s no surprise that there are many surf schools dotted along the coastline. Tuban and neighbouring Kuta offers the perfect mix of great waves, perfect weather conditions and warm water, making it one of the most popular destinations for keen surfers. Although it’s possible to get one of the boys on the beach to teach you, one of the best surf schools in the area is Odysseys Surf School which was formed in 2003 and offers experienced teachers who can make sure you’re riding the waves in no time.

Website Odyssey Surf School

Quad Biking

adventure sports in Bali

Experience off-road on a quad bike while marveling the impressive nature of Bali

One of the most exhilarating ways to see Bali is by quad bike. Going over rough terrain on one of these powerful machines is a must, and trips take you deep into the rice fields and mountains of Bali, off the beaten track and into the jungle.  Ranked one of the top things to do in Bali, Paddy Adventures takes you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Website: Paddy Adventure Bali


Water parks aren't just for kids. Secretly adults love them too, even if not considered as an extreme sport. Photo Credit: Agoes Moeliadi

Water parks aren’t just for kids. Secretly adults love them too, even if not considered as an extreme sport. Photo Credit: Agoes Moeliadi

Who doesn’t love to feel the excitements of rushing down a thrilling water ride, not knowing when the next twist or turn is coming, or when you’ll splash down into the water below? Well, combine that with some of the most stunning scenery and swim up tropical bars and you’ve got Waterbom, hailed as Asia’s top water park, and it’s not hard to see why! If you’re looking for a thrilling ride, then try the Smash Down, one of the scariest water slides around, which takes you up to 70 kilometeres per hour down a slope of 60 degrees. Not for the faint hearted!



Your hotel

To make the most of this neighbourhood, stay at the boutique hotel, The Sandi Phala, Tuban Bali

sunset spots in bali
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