Sopr’Arno Suites, Florence


  • Enjoy the luxury of exceptionally spacious suites – very rare to find inside a boutique B&B
  • Conveniently located away from the touristic area of Florence, yet still close to all the attractions
  • Mingle with the locals and artisans and experience the more authentic side Florence

Hotel Description

In a nutshell

Childhood nostalgia in the artisanal district of Florence

The experience

As the name of this historic residence implies, Sopr’Arno means “above the Arno” in Italian.  In other words, this unique B&B is attractively positioned in the less touristic side of the River Arno.  Located where all the local Florentine artisans still produce their renowned craft and away from the hordes of tourists that stampede over the city during the high season, Sopr’Arno offers a chic escape while only being a five-minute walk away from Ponte Vecchio Bridge, which connects you to city’s main famous sites and attractions.

Conceived by a Florentine lawyer, many would question any lawyer’s creative abilities to develop a boutique B&B. Yet, despite Matteo Perduca’s conservative profession, his innate passion for design and antiques has allowed him to create an outlet for his creativity and produce a masterpiece example of an ingenious B&B concept that cleverly evokes a nostalgia that can back anyone back to its childhood days.

All ten suites have been designed based on the principle theme of old-style letterpress printing.  Scouring the antique markets in the nearby town of Prato and London, Matteo was fortunate to find some unique furniture pieces dating back to the 1950s, such as the cabinets that were used to store all the wooden font types, at a time when letters were manually entered into the press machine one at a time.  There is also a suite dedicated to children’s games of the past.  Who remembers the battery-operated game Operation or the first ever Nintendo Game Boy?  Inside this room, there will be at least one game that will bring back the fun and carefree days of your childhood.   And that’s what makes staying at the Sopr’Arno so special.  It takes you  back – for a precious moment – to another time, rekindling happy memories and while also appreciating the present moment, being in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

“Sopr’Arno takes you  back- for a precious moment – to another time, rekindling happy memories and whilst also appreciating the present moment, being in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.”

From the beginning

For many years, Matteo fulfilled his life as a successful lawyer in Florence. But little did he know – through his parallel life of collecting art, antiques and design – that he would be able to curate his ever-increasing acquisitions into one of the most raved about boutique B&B’s in Florence. When he and his business partner found a vacant 16th-century palazzo in the artisanal district of Florence, they realised that this would be the moment to blend artistic pleasure with hospitality. Since opening in November 2015, SorpArno has quickly become one of the most popular boutique B&Bs in Florence.

Something else you didn’t know

Matteo’s wife, Betty Soldi, has a shop called & Company, just opposite the Sopr’Arno, that offers a treasure trove full of her creations. An accomplished calligrapher and graphic designer, her artistic mark is also discreetly revealed on the breakfast ware, as well as all the graphic design inside the B&B.

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