Hotel Félicien, Paris


  • Experience a hotel design designed by renowned couturier – Olivier Lapidus
  • Perfectly located to discover Art Nouveau architecture in the 16th arrondissement district
  • This chic area of Paris was home to Jacqueline  Kennedy Onassis for one year when she was aged 20.

Hotel Description

In a nutshell

A Parisian hotel that invites you into a parallel universe of design and fashion.

The experience

Tucked away in the 16th arrondissement district, Paris’s newest Fashion Hotel presents the work of French designer Oliver Lapidus. Born into the artistic world of “la mode”, where better placed for his inaugural’s creation but at Hotel Félicien, where guests are invited into a parallel universe of design and fashion.

“The backdrop of art nouveau architecture that surrounds La Félicien seem so fitting to the persona of Oliver Lapidus.” 

The Experience

The breakfast room is an exemplary showcase of Olivier’s constant connection to fashion, with sketches of his previous collection backlit along the walls, as if intended to make you the star of a catwalk show. The luminous lines of femininity strike a cord for Olivier, especially when it comes to art. By the bar area, you will see images of Olivier’s mother during the days when she was modeling and acting, along with other silk-made artwork, which can be viewed in some of the guest rooms, portraying female beauty. In fact, his ability to use fabrics intelligently in design, especially with silk, would not have been so easy if he had not worked with it so extensively on his own fashion collections.

The backdrop of art nouveau architecture that surrounds Hotel Félicien seem so fitting to the persona of Oliver Lapidus. The Village of Passy-Auteuil, which is just a few minutes walk from the hotel, allows you to explore an opulent blend of colorfully embellished façades, using sensual curves and sculptured symbols representing flowers and nature. Continue further along Avenue Mozart, you will see the house of Hector Guimard, the French Architect, who introduced Art Nouveau to Paris. This area has often been described as boringly bourgeois. But I see a style that is revolutionary – stretching to even iconoclastic for its time. Here at the ”seizieme”, you can experience a village-like atmosphere that flourishes charisma and charm, nestled in-between with exquisite boutique shops, candle-lit bistros and sweet cinnamon smelling pâtisseries.

From the beginning

Olivier’s launch into hotel design with La Félicien looks into the world of Lapidus from his past and present. Going back to the 1960s, when his father Ted was at the height of his fame, following his success in relaunching the unisex look on the Paris catwalks. You can get a sense of pop art culture revisited as if unearthing his childhood creativity. Maybe it wasn’t his intention to explicitly portray pop art, but from my interpretation, his use of bold primary colours, such red and black, used on his minimalistic designed furniture, resonates many of the ideals of pop.

Something else you didn’t know

Olivier has always loved to push the boundaries of the fashion industry, to the point of acting rebellious if you like. In the 90’s when he presented his fibre-optic dresses on the catwalk, he was criticized for mixing technology with haute couture. Today, he is valued as an innovator, where you can now see the same invention on the curtains, as well as on the ceiling of the spa within the hotel.

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