Hotel Bourg Tibourg, Paris


  • One of the most smallest, but most enchanting hotels in the Marais district of Paris
  • Lustrous Gothic-syle design by renowned designer Jacques Garcia
  • Play a game of chess in the lounge while listening to chic Paris lounge music

Hotel Description

In a nutshell

A luxury bijoux in the heartland of medieval Paris.

The experience

For anyone who loves the idea of walking on cobbled streets and gazing at quaint old houses, then the neighbourhood of the Marais in Paris is the place for you. Translated as the “the Marsh”, reminiscences of medieval France is what makes the Marais so appealing, as if stepping back in time. Also situated in this historic quartier is a hotel that has equally captured the intrigue of knights and dragons, albeit on a more intimate level.

Hotel Bourg Tibourg (meaning little village) is a luxury boutique hotel true to its meaning – boutique in name, its size and also through its unique romantic appeal.  Designed by renowned designer Jacques Garcia, his effortless ability to recreate the past in a modern day context can only be described as enchanting. An endearing composition of lustrous tapestries, Parisian antiques, mixed with Garcia designed furniture, detailed with gothic symbology, would make anyone feels as if being in a tiny castle.  The rooms are petite, but with every thing in its place where expected and enhanced further with a sensual and dimly-lit atmosphere. Likewise, the lounge invites the possibilities to read a book from the library or even play a game of chess, while listening to seductive tunes, carefully curated to make you want to say “Paris je t’aime.”

“A hotel that has equally captured the intrigue of knights and dragons, albeit on a more intimate level.”

From the beginning

Hotel Bourg Tibourg is owned by the Costes family, famously known for creating one of the most chic hotels in Paris – Hôtel Costes. Clearly the sense of style and exceptional hospitality that the family has been known for, has rubbed off onto the next generation.  Karen Costes, daughter to the original founder, has been successfully running the hotel since it was redesigned by Jacques Garcia in 2001.  Along with her sister, they have transformed Hotel Bourg Tibourg into one of the best smallest hotels in Paris, creating a special place loved by those that welcome the style and elegance of French design.

Something else you didn’t know

Keep your eyes peeled for the Costes family’s future five star hotel in Montpellier, a city in Southern France, scheduled to open in 2015.

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