Fresh Hotel, Athens


  • Centrally located a walking distance away from the Acropolis and the Varvakios Food Market
  • A rooftop pool and restaurant that offers the perfect retreat after a long day of sightseeing
  • A guest experience that demonstrates the true charm and kindness of Greek hospitality 

Hotel Description

In a nutshell

A fresh perspective of Athens – a collision of the ancient and modern in Greek history and culture.

The experience

On a road just off the famous Athinas Street in downtown Athens, it’s impossible not to spot Fresh from the vivid colours that project themselves from a 1930’s building. With vibrant oranges, pinks and greens, there is no dispute that this hotel is all about having fun. Greece is well-known for its ancient past. However Fresh is all about the present and future, using modernistic design and a vibrant aura of colours to project a new persona and appeal of today’s Athens. The rooftop restaurant and pool definitely has a strong allure, especially when you have the Acropolis within your direct view. It’s clearly a city hotel, but it also offers an excellent space to relax and soak up the sun. Integrated with a wonderfully kind, human and professional team of individuals, their Greek charm and easy going nature represents a hotel that offers a modern edge, yet with a sincere and humble personality that isn’t easily found in many of today’s so-called “lifestyle hotels.”

“Greece is known for it historic past. But Fresh is all about the present and future, using modernistic design and a vibrant aura of colours to project a new persona and appeal of today’s Athens.

From the beginning

Ada Yfanti always had a desire to break away from the traditional industry that her family had become very successful in. There’s only so much you can do with olive oil, and Ada knew that her goal was to great something more multi-dimensional, whilst continuing to promote the wonderful attributes that Greece had to offer, albeit from an alternative perspective. Whilst her intention was to create a sense of space that appealed to the young generation, mature travellers have been equally attracted to its energetic vibe. Since its opening ten years ago, Fresh has still maintained its youthful glow. Ada also recently launched a community project called the ArtWall Project Space, using the hotel as a cultural hub to exhibit and promote contemporary artistic expression through the arts, design, theatre and music.

Something else you didn’t know

Like with many regenerated parts of most cities, more often than not, there always seems to be a sordid past that makes the location of a hotel even more endearing. In its previous life, the neighbourhood of Fresh was fairly promiscuous, known to be a famous hang-out for prostitutes. Today the vibe is artistic and buzzing with eclectic restaurants and coffee shops appealing to a creative crowd that shy away from the conventional way of life.

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