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Eat your way through Jordaan with Eating Amsterdam

While the Dutch culture isn’t famous for its cuisine, I have come to learn and love that Amsterdam has much to offer foodies and Eating Amsterdam’s food tours are the perfect introduction to not only a variety of Dutch delicacies but the city’s historic Jordaan area.

The Best Apple Pie in Amsterdam

Not many people know how famous the Netherlands is for its apple pie, but if you’re planning to visit Amsterdam, Cafe Winkel is where you should head to.

Antinori wine, Maremma style

A visit to Le Mortelle Winery takes to you to the Antonori family’s new acquisition near the beach town of Castiglione della Pescaia in the Maremma, Tuscany.

A young woman bicyclist is seen passing by pedestrians as they cross East 17th Street at Union Square

The Search for Wellness in New York

With the amount of travel that I do, it doesn’t take much to fall of the bandwagon when it comes to eating healthily. And New York isn’t one of those cities to be munching on a carrot stick whilst still having a good time….well not until this recent visit to the Big Apple.

Cophenhagen’s Cooking Festival

Living in Italy, I’ve been somewhat spoilt with the quantity and diversity that Italian cuisine offers to you. Everywhere around the world one can be exposed to Italian food in some shape and form – the good and the bad kind. However recently I’ve been looking north to cooler climates and I’ve discovered another cuisine that has started to take the global centre stage – the Nordic food movement.

What to Eat when in Norcia?

One of the most amazing things about living in Italy is one’s infinite learning journey of the country’s food culture and cuisine. A visit to the historic town of Norcia, surrounded by the Sybilline mountains in the heartland of Umbria, opened up a new door of new culinary delights.

Chefs in Venice

Avant-Garde Luxury in Venice

Palazzina G, a masterpiece renovation of a 16th century building overlooking the Canal Grande in Venice, orchestrated by the one and only Philippe Starck and Turinese businessman Emanuele Garosci.

Restaurant at the Ampersand Hotel

Unpretentious Dining where you least expect

It was a sunny August day and I was walking along the streets of South Kensington, when I spotted a building on Harrington Road that I vaguely recognised. It used to be a dark and dingy hotel, one of those places where even the most curious of people wouldn’t want to step foot in. Now it had been transformed back to its original Victorian grandeur, with its newly fresh-painted façade open for business – this time as the Ampersand Hotel.