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The Universe of Olivier Lapidus

When we think of the universe, we normally think of stars, planets and a cosmos that is so vast that even us humans are unable to comprehend it. In a way, that’s how the renowned fashion designer and hotel interior designer, Olivier Lapidus, sees the opportunities in his own life – as one vast universe.

Sopr’Arno Suites: Beyond Expectations

Matteo Perduca, owner of Sopr’Arno Suites in Florence, says the recipe for success is simple: provide a nice room and be nice to people! This quirky 10-room B&B furnished with repurposed antiques and extremely good taste makes sleeping part of the excellent travel experience.

How to Decorate like a 5 Star Boutique Hotel

There is an exquisite feeling of luxury and relaxation when a space has been designed with particular care. Jeanette Thottrup is the mind and hand behind the decoration of Borgo Santo Pietro, a 5 star boutique hotel in a remote area of Tuscany.

High-Tech Luxury in London’s Belgravia

As a Londoner, I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that each area of the city has it’s own unique and distinctive personality, spawned by its notable historical past. Creative and edgy Clerkenwell; sophisticated and elegant South Kensington, colourful and eclectic Notting Hill. And then there is chic and tech-trending Belgravia. An area of London that I never visited often, but rediscovered by my recent visit to London’s most high-tech boutique hotel.

There’s no place like home

On a beautiful Summer’s days in Florence back in 2005, I was walking through the Piazza of Santa Maria Novella with a friend, who suggested that we have brunch at a boutique hotel called J.K Place. Although the brunch was served outside on the terrace, I was curious to see how the hotel looked inside.