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cultural experiences in Luang Prabank

Mingling with the Monks

The country of Laos makes a striking first impression. The flight into Luang Prabang introduced us to this landlocked Asian country, often described as ‘Thailand before the tourists.’

Ancient sites of Greece

It’s all Greek to me

On an ancient hilltop above the city of Athens stands the Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site with a collection of the most significant architectural monuments of human civilisation.

Getting to know Anne Frank

A poignant visit to the Anne Frank Musuem in Amsterdam, where the teenage diarist and writer lived and also hid in fear during the WWII occupation.

Maremma – The Less Talked About Tuscany

Think of Tuscany and I bet most of us would come up with the same regular places: Florence, Pisa, Siena, Cortona and Montalcino, etc. Northern Tuscany seems to get all the attention, but what about the Southern part? When I discovered The Maremma, I found it to be equally magical and captivating – ideal for the curious traveller to experience.

Turkish delights in Istanbul

Old New, Spicy Sweet, Christian Muslim, Byzantine Ottoman. These are just some of the many contrasts of Istanbul that makes it such a fascinating and intriguing city to visit.

Casa delle Zittelle Venice

Saving the Virgin City of Venice

One of the many reasons for my fascination of boutique hotels is that for many of them, they have a captivating historical past, an enthralling story that just makes staying in a hotel all the more intriguing.

A Night at the Police Station

While I was travelling back to Europe from Brunei, I decided to make another visit to Hong Kong. Although I love the concept of modernised cities, I was eager to discover whether I could find a part of Hong Kong that hadn’t been affected by the spread of urbanisation.

New Majestic Hotel

The Cultural Heritage of Singapore

There a many boutique hotels out there globally that know how to think out of the box. The New Majestic Hotel, one of the newest boutique hotels in Singapore, is one of them, after having launched an innovative platform to promote Singapore rich cultural heritage.

neo-classical shop house, china town

The Singapore Shophouse

My last trip to Singapore over six years ago was a bit of a blur to be honest. I do have some hazy recollections of Orchard Road and its endless parade of malls and skyscrapers, merged with a few tipples of a Singapore Sling and a mountain of monkey nuts at the Raffles Hotel. Other than that, I draw a blank. So this time round, I decided that I was going do to things differently and explore the area of China town – a unique and special district that was able to take me back in time to the Colonial era and discover the Singapore Shophouses.

Getting Cultured in Florence

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Florence, Italy and to be part of the official bloggers team for Florens 2012, an international Biennial dedicated to promoting internationally the economy of culture, heritage and the environment. Although I had previously visited Florence on many occasions, this time was different. I was more curious and more interested to see the side of Florence that I had previously overlooked.

Off-Season Florence

Why visiting Florence off-season is the best way to experience and appreciate this idyllic Renaissance city in Tuscany.

Connecting Design with Location

The Ampersand Hotel in London’s South Kensington district, takes you on a journey back to the 19th century, a significant era in British history when innovation and discovery was the driving force of the Industrial Revolution.