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art museum in trentino

Art in Nature

Arte Sella is an extraordinary natural art exhibition where you can experience how art and nature become one in The Trentino town of Borgo Valsugana.

The Surreal Side to Hong Kong

One of the reasons why I am fascinated by Hong Kong is because of its weirdness, as if having the feeling of being dazed and confused. There are not many places on earth where one can be brought into a world of fantasy like this and I find it totally addictive.

Beware of the Thief!

I never thought Norway to be a country of forward-thinking creatives. Now before anyone takes this the wrong way, I should clarify that it’s not a country that came ‘top-of-mind’…well not until now. My recent trip to its capital city, Oslo took me on a journey to its newest part of town called Tjuvholmen (Thief Island).

art reproduction of Alberto Burri

Expressionism and Umbria

Italy is a country well known for its great masters, especially the like’s of renaissance geniuses such as Leonardo di Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli. So who would of thought that in a 16th century palazzo, you would be introduced the genre of Italian modern art.

Off-Season Florence

Why visiting Florence off-season is the best way to experience and appreciate this idyllic Renaissance city in Tuscany.