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Sopr’Arno Suites: Beyond Expectations

Matteo Perduca, owner of Sopr’Arno Suites in Florence, says the recipe for success is simple: provide a nice room and be nice to people! This quirky 10-room B&B furnished with repurposed antiques and extremely good taste makes sleeping part of the excellent travel experience.

Antinori wine, Maremma style

A visit to Le Mortelle Winery takes to you to the Antonori family’s new acquisition near the beach town of Castiglione della Pescaia in the Maremma, Tuscany.

art museum in trentino

Art in Nature

Arte Sella is an extraordinary natural art exhibition where you can experience how art and nature become one in The Trentino town of Borgo Valsugana.

How to Decorate like a 5 Star Boutique Hotel

There is an exquisite feeling of luxury and relaxation when a space has been designed with particular care. Jeanette Thottrup is the mind and hand behind the decoration of Borgo Santo Pietro, a 5 star boutique hotel in a remote area of Tuscany.

Keeping it in the Family

Blending modern touches with tradition and exquisite service, Hotel Armentarola’s guests return from year-to-year to this truly special place on the outskirts of the town of San Cassiano in the Dolomite Mountains.

Maremma – The Less Talked About Tuscany

Think of Tuscany and I bet most of us would come up with the same regular places: Florence, Pisa, Siena, Cortona and Montalcino, etc. Northern Tuscany seems to get all the attention, but what about the Southern part? When I discovered The Maremma, I found it to be equally magical and captivating – ideal for the curious traveller to experience.

What to Eat when in Norcia?

One of the most amazing things about living in Italy is one’s infinite learning journey of the country’s food culture and cuisine. A visit to the historic town of Norcia, surrounded by the Sybilline mountains in the heartland of Umbria, opened up a new door of new culinary delights.

art reproduction of Alberto Burri

Expressionism and Umbria

Italy is a country well known for its great masters, especially the like’s of renaissance geniuses such as Leonardo di Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli. So who would of thought that in a 16th century palazzo, you would be introduced the genre of Italian modern art.

Chefs in Venice

Avant-Garde Luxury in Venice

Palazzina G, a masterpiece renovation of a 16th century building overlooking the Canal Grande in Venice, orchestrated by the one and only Philippe Starck and Turinese businessman Emanuele Garosci.

Francesca Bortolotto Possati

From Shipbuilders to Hoteliers

Francesca Bortolotto Possati could be considered as one of the very few hoteliers in Venice owning four hotel properties. Coming from a family of shipbuilders, her grandfather decided to invest his money in the hotel business.

Kayaking in Venice

Looking at Venice from a different perspective

Venice seems to be my favourite topic of conversation these days. Every time I go to visit this enchanting city, I make a point to do something a little different and unique by finding ways to see Venice from a different perspective.

Casa delle Zittelle Venice

Saving the Virgin City of Venice

One of the many reasons for my fascination of boutique hotels is that for many of them, they have a captivating historical past, an enthralling story that just makes staying in a hotel all the more intriguing.

Getting Cultured in Florence

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Florence, Italy and to be part of the official bloggers team for Florens 2012, an international Biennial dedicated to promoting internationally the economy of culture, heritage and the environment. Although I had previously visited Florence on many occasions, this time was different. I was more curious and more interested to see the side of Florence that I had previously overlooked.

Off-Season Florence

Why visiting Florence off-season is the best way to experience and appreciate this idyllic Renaissance city in Tuscany.

There’s no place like home

On a beautiful Summer’s days in Florence back in 2005, I was walking through the Piazza of Santa Maria Novella with a friend, who suggested that we have brunch at a boutique hotel called J.K Place. Although the brunch was served outside on the terrace, I was curious to see how the hotel looked inside.