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Wakeboarding in Bali

Unearth your adventurous side

Although many people visit Bali for it’s beautiful scenery and culture, thousands of thrill seekers flock to the island for some of the worlds best extreme sports, and who could blame them.

The Losari Spirit

Gabriella Teggia was the founder of the Losari Coffee Plantation Resort & Spa, which has since been renamed as MesaStila. She unfortunately passed away in 2012, yet when I came to visit one year later after her death, I felt moved by her story and the extraordinary legacy she left behind at Losari. Here I wrote my first reflective story about Gabriella during my stay at MesaStila.

A visit to the Jamu Doctor

“Indonesian Jamu?” That was my first reaction when I was asked whether I wanted to visit the Jamu doctor So I became very excited to learn that there was also an Indonesian form called “Jamu”, which I had the opportunity to experience at the MesaStila Wellness Resort in Magelang, Central Java.