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The Universe of Olivier Lapidus

The Universe of Olivier Lapidus

When we think of the universe, we normally think of stars, planets and a cosmos that is so vast that even us humans are unable to comprehend it. In a way, that’s how the renowned fashion designer and hotel interior designer, Olivier Lapidus, sees the opportunities in his own life – as one vast universe.

Wakeboarding in Bali

Unearth your adventurous side

Although many people visit Bali for it’s beautiful scenery and culture, thousands of thrill seekers flock to the island for some of the worlds best extreme sports, and who could blame them.

A young woman bicyclist is seen passing by pedestrians as they cross East 17th Street at Union Square

The Search for Wellness in New York

With the amount of travel that I do, it doesn’t take much to fall of the bandwagon when it comes to eating healthily. And New York isn’t one of those cities to be munching on a carrot stick whilst still having a good time….well not until this recent visit to the Big Apple.

art museum in trentino

Art in Nature

Arte Sella is an extraordinary natural art exhibition where you can experience how art and nature become one in The Trentino town of Borgo Valsugana.