Boutique Hotel in Hong Kong

January 30, 2019 Uncategorized

We said goodbye to Bali this morning. We’re actually in Singapore right now because we are headed to Hong Kong. Now guys we did a whole lot of absolutely nothing in Bali. It’s our honeymoon, we just wanted to relax. It was very different for me because I’m very much so an adventurista, so I’m really looking forward to Hong Kong because we kind of had this agreement that Bali wouls be the part of the trip where we just relax every day, Hong Kong would be the part of the trip where we get out and do stuff. I’m ready to get out do stuff.

Next stop is Hong Kong! Can’t wait!

We made it to Hong Kong. Yay! Our first order of business usually when we get to airports is to do what Karl? Hey travelers, so the first thing I do when I get to the airport’s is either by one of two things. It’s going to be either a sim card or a Wi-Fi hotspot. If your phone is not unlocked, go with the Wi-Fi hotspot, if your phone is unlocked, go with the sim card. It lets you call your point of contacts, your ubers, your Airbnb, whatever you need to do it lets you keep ,you know, in touch with social media. If there’s no Wi-Fi where you’re going on the train you can still connect to the internet you know, send a text, send a whatsapp message or skype call whatever the case is. Still keeps you connected so that’s the first thing I do when I come to a foreign country. Out. You wanna roll the cart? No. That’s your job. You roll the cart. Karl is very proud of himself He selected this hotel.

Yes I am, you know what I mean I’m all about class and elegance. Oh my God. No?

Alright we are on the elevator on the way up to our hotel in Hong Hong and Karl’s super excited because for the first time he actually selected the hotel. This is how I roll when I travel. This is the hotel he selected for our trip. I picked all the other ones. The moment we’ve all been waiting for Let’s see how good Karl is at selecting hotels. Oh very small. No, that’s Hong Kong for you. I mean Hong Kong is a huge city and just like with most big city spaces are very small. How many hotels come with their own phone right? Their own mobile phone. That was another cool thing they told us at the reception. They come with like their own phone that you can literally just like take out of the room and you can take it with you anywhere in the city. You got your own printer. How many hotels come with their own printer? It is a very nice room. We just walked in but I can already see it’s a pretty nice room. Now we’re going to see the best part. The view. All I see is our bedroom reflection. Maybe turn off the lights. Turn off the lights.

And now for the big reveal. The view. Open the curtain Karl It got stuck. Oh God. Voila! Harbour view. Look at that. That is gorgeous. Oh. Good job Karl. Beautiful. Look at that view. Wake up. Wake up! Come on. Isn’t it pretty? Check out this bathroom. Look at this. It has one of those faucets in the ceiling. It always makes for a really nice shower experience. Bathtube with a television / mirror so you can see yourself. The toilet. Even has a phone, I don’t know why but it’s pretty cool In case you forgot anything at home, they pretty much got you covered. It’s the little things, look at this. Shaving set, hairbrush, dental set, shower cap, cotton pad, cotton bud, emery board. I always forever need those. Another dental set. Comb! i didn’t know they have this, I needed this. Nice!

One thing that I’ve noticed about this hotel is they just think of all the little things that you might need, all the little comforts that make your experience just so much better. They’ve got speakers in the ceiling. They have a wireless speaker. How many of you guys when you’re traveling you know you want to walk around, you have your cell phone but you can’t connect anything becaue you’re in a foreign country. Maybe you didn’t buy a sim card to put it or there’s just no Wi-Fi around You can’t connect to Wi-Fi… Well you don’t have to worry about that in this hotel because they give you your own phone and you can make free phone calls to the US and they let you take it with you like you can take it out of the hotel and take it with you while you’re you know wandering around the city. You’re not seeing double, mini bar is free. that’s that free mini bar. It’s fully stocked. Look at that, that is awesome service. Don’t mind if I do. Love M&Ms. Yesss.

So yeah, I must say when it comes to luxury hotels, Hotel Icon is definitely worth every penny. Hotel Icon is actually one of the top hotels in Hong Kong, so we’re really fortunate to be staying here. We just happen to get a really good deal at the time, they were running a special and we booked it. Really glad we did. I love luxury hotels Especially luxury boutique hotels. Which is actually why I don’t usually stay at big hotel chains. I love boutique hotels because for me it’s all about the details and luxury boutique hotels always seem to go all out with all the little details.

There’s just so much to actually film in this room but there’s so many details Karl even keeps saying, one of the the signature phrases of this trip since we gotten to Hong Kong is “it’s the little things” because it really is it’s the little things. There’s so many awesome amenities and so many awesome details about our room, about our hotel that have made our stay so wonderful and we’ll be enjoying the minibar amenities. On the next episode we set out to explore the big city of Hong Kong if you liked this episode make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel to keep up with the rest of my honeymoon adventures. See you guys next week.